The customer has the right, prior to placing an order, to negotiate any and all sections of the terms of service with the Salesman, including changes to the terms of service below. Negotiations should be performed in written form and directed to the address of the Salesman ( Stefan Czerniewski Kręta 8 ST, postal code 62-002, Suchy Las - POLAND). If the Customer abstains from the option of setting the deal through individual negotiations, the terms of service present below will be used along with the correct provisions of the law.

Terms of Service

1. The store is operated by: Stefan Czerniewski
Kręta 8 ST 62-002 Suchy Las, POLAND
NIP: 579-196-17-14, REGON: 301046680,
Entry into the business activity register: 4455/2009

Further referred to as “Salesman".

2. A Buyer can be any natural person, legal person or any organisation unit that is not a legal person, further referred to as “Customer”

3. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day.

4. The contract is transacted with the moment an order is placed by the Customer. Realization of orders paid for with cash on delivery is immediate, while orders paid for with a money transfer or via an electronic payment system are realized after the payments made by the Customer are booked on the account of the Salesman.

5. The purchased product along with a document of sale picked by the Customer (invoice/receipt) is sent using the carrier picked by the Customer to the address given by the Customer in the order form.

6. The Salesman is responsible for the period of two years since the date of purchase in cases of nonconformity of goods with the contract in accordance with the polish law art. 10 Ustawy o szczególnych warunkach sprzedaży konsumenckiej from 27th of July 2002, and other appropriate articles of law. 

7. In cases of nonconformity of goods with the contract, a letter explaining the discrepancy and the expectations necessary for accomplishing the obligation should be sent to the address of the Salesman

8. In the space of ten days from delivery of the ordered product, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement without granting an official reason, according to the general rules consequent to the laws relating to long distance purchases. 
In accordance to the law, products of audio and/or visual nature and those saved on digital data carriers do not fall under the perfuse of return policy if the consumer has removed them from their original packaging. The seller will return the money along with any due interest in the space of five days.

9. All prices set up by the Salesman are expressed in polish currency (PLN) and include tax (VAT); the prices do not include costs of delivery, which are specified in the shipping tariff. 

10. Privacy policy and personal data security

- The Personal Data Controller is responsible for the lawful processing of personal data, and the rules for the collection, processing and storage of personal data, as well as the right of the Buyer related to his personal data.
- The Personal Data Administrator processes personal data of Buyers based on consent and in relation to the legitimate interests of the Seller.
- The Personal Data Administrator collects and processes personal data only to the extent that it is justified by a contractual or legal obligation.
- The consent of the Buyer to the processing of personal data is voluntary, and consent to the processing of data for a specific purpose may be withdrawn at any time.
- For the needs of the Buyer's order, the following data is collected:
a. postal address - necessary to issue a proof of purchase;
b. place of delivery - necessary to address the shipment;
c. e-mail - necessary for communication related to the implementation of the contract;
d. telephone number - necessary for the selection of certain types of delivery;

Detailed solutions in the scope of personal data protection related to placing an order, but also using the store before and after placing an order are included in the privacy policy.  

11.  None or the provisions present in the terms of service are created with the goal of violating the laws of the Customer, and cannot be interpreted as such. Since in cases of discrepancies between the terms of service and the current law, the Salesman declares immediate subordination to; and usage of; that law in place of the questioned article of the terms of service. 

12. The Customers will be informed about the changes within the terms of service and about their outreach electronically (via the e-mail address used for registration or placing an order). The notification will be sent at least 30 days before the change comes into effect in the new terms of service. The changes will be implemented in order to adjust the terms of service to the current state of law.

13. Current version of the terms of service is always available for the Customer in the “Terms of Service” tab ( While the order is being completed; and for the whole duration of the post sale care; the Customer is under the effect of the terms of service that was accepted by him when placing an order. Except for situations, when the Customer considers it less beneficial for him than the more current terms of service and informs the Salesman about the choice of the current terms of service as the one to be in operation.

14. The Salesman guarantees the Customer will be able to use the shop’s site properly on the following browsers: IE version 7 or newer, FireFox version 3 or newer, Opera version 9 or newer, Chrome version 10 or newer, Safari with the newest version of JAVA and FLASH installed; on screens with a horizontal resolution higher than 1024 px. Using third party software that affects functionality of browsers such as: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari might have an effect on correct viewing of the store site, thus to ensure full functionality of the store it is suggested that those expansions/plugins be turned off.

15. In cases not regulated by the terms of service appropriate articles of law come into effect. Points of dispute are reviewed by the competent court topically and factually.

Suchy Las, 2018.05.24